It’s all over now…

Well, not just yet.

One more day of work left, with just the routine tasks to run. Later closing all accounts, to clear the table, after reception hours. To have everything set up and ready for a fresh start into 2016, tomorrow morning. Run statistics, to have comparable figures. Nothing too hard, but boring tasks. Mainly waiting around, while the computer does its job.

And then, of course, the party. At work, where else, as we host it. My poor sweetheart was kind of forced to come along. Hope, it will be fun for him, too. At least we got decent fireworks, with two members in charge of the display.

Amazing, how 2015 just zipped by. But it was a good year and I hope, the next one will be just as good.

Well, strike another match
Yeah, go start new, go start new
‘Cause it’s all over now, baby blue 

I wish you, the big cyber-lot, a very Happy New Year.


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