2016 arrived with a big boom. Literally.

We had this party at our restaurant at work, with folks my age and older, having great food, good company and bad music. At least, that’s what my sweetheart thought, who treated himself to a couple of shots to go with his beer, in order to protect his ears, right after the first Helene Fischer tune was played. Poor guy, but he had a point.

Upstairs, though,  in the members lounge, around 30 young people had their separate party, which was much more fun I guess. But we dinosaurs didn’t want to party crash, that’s how polite we are.

When midnight drew closer, the youngsters started their fireworks, not really aware, that the downstairs terrace was filling up with us, the elderly. So there was some damage. Luckily, noone got hurt. Because it rained quite a bit, so most people took cover under the roof, the upstairs balcony forms.

However, there was a feel of combat in the air, with all the smoke blurring ones vision and bangs and whizzes everywhere. Plus one of our big lights on the terrace got shot. Hit by one of the rockets from the balcony, it just exploded in front of us.

But with the raindrops on the lens, I caught some nice shots of blurred fireworks next to the more combat-like pictures.

It was a all very nice, but I missed my Blue Danube Waltz (Germany doesn’t do this at New Year). At least my sweetheart was right there with me, to greet 2016.