Sunday Matinée

Today is the day to commemorate my wedding. Although the marriage failed, the wedding itself still is counted among the highlights of my life. What a fun party! And how great all the folks present were! Jumbled together from Germany, Austria, Great Britain and the U.S., some of the guests weren’t able to talk to each other, but still communicated, teaching each other their music and dances.

I can’t believe, twenty years have gone by since that day. How did it get so late so soon? to quote a certain Dr. Seuss. Thus, I chose “Time” to be the topic for today’s sampling of paintings. Hope, you enjoy the art. It can’t be easy to put a concept simultaneously so abstract and real to canvas.

time sand h schlagen
Sand H. Schlagen
time becoming stefano calvia
Becoming Stefano Calvia
time in dreams mari mssare
Time in Dreams Mari Mssare
time drift patrick harris
Drift Patrick Harris
time flown away peter zakharov
Flown away Peter Zakharov
time transmography maia s oprea
Transmography Maia S Oprea
time the turning of time john busson
The Turning of Time John Busson
time gone Anna orbaczewska
Gone Anna Orbaczewska
time temps image patrice palacio
Temps Image Patrice Palacio
time being here,dreaming there ariel zachor
being here, dreaming there Ariel Zachor
time philosphiam sophia miroedova
Philosophiam Sophia Miroedova
time the wall behind arsen bereza
The Wall Behind Arsen Bereza
zime infinity and beyond candida slater
Infinity and beyond Candida Slater
time the old knitter natasa tajnik stupar
The Old Knitter Natasa Tajnik Stupar



7 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

    1. I feel exactly the same, when looking at Gone, I like it a lot, too.
      Sand and The old Knitter are the two works, I prefer. I almost left out your favourite, but it was good and I usually show good ones, even if I personally wouldn’t hang them in my living room.

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      1. I love the way you show us Art, it satisfies something in me, as a lover of Art I am interested in what other people like and why. Like you, while I like contempory and abstract Art, many I would not hang in my living room. I’ve got a Claudio Viscardi hanging in my living room, he is a Swiss artist but lives in Ireland, his work is just wonderful!

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      2. Just checked Claudio Viscardi out on google, nice work. It is always special, to know the artist. Gives one a special connection to the artwork, I think.

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