My sweetheart’s mom got a blouse for her Christmas from me. I kept the receipt, in case, she doesnt like it (nope, didn’t happen, she loves it) or the size is wrong (yep, it’s too big). So she phoned in a couple of days ago, to ask, if I could take her and the blouse back to the shop to change it (just the blouse).

We arranged to do this tomorrow, as I have a day off. So I went to look for the receipt. And know what? I can’t find it. Must have thrown it away in one of those clear-out-your-wallet spells, that befall me from time to time.

I might have to buy the blouse all over again, if my very last attempt to find the receipt fails. Which is to completely empty out my work/everyday satchel. A task, that I shy away from. There might be things living in it, I’m not so keen on meeting…

I shall keep you posted.