Only this week left to go until I have two weeks off work. No travel plans so far, though. Just winding down a little.

The highlight of the fortnight off is the much looked forward to visit from circumstance . Her husband gives her a vacation from time to time for her Christmas. He takes on all chores, looking after the family and she is given flight tickets, either to London to see another friend of hers or else to Berlin to see me. This year, it was Berlin! So I am already nudging my sweetheart, to make up a fine plan of things to do. He is just the best in conjuring up  interesting locations to see or events to attend. Anyways, I’m all excited already and am sure, we’ll have a great time.

The second week, it’s his first bridge league weekend in Kassel. So I might just come along and while he plays Bridge, I travel on a bit further down to Ingelheim and visit my brother and his family. If he is in, that is. Something, I’ve got to find out today. Another nice thing to do.

And then, I’ve come up with this plan to build myself a mini-greenhouse. Unfortunatly, I don’t have room for a real greenhouse, which of course, would be a dream come true. But I could squeeze in one or two green-boxes, so to speak. I have some secluded space left in what I consider “my” area outside, cornered in by the house, the terrace wall and my compost corner, where I could put a green-box. It should measure 45 cm  by 100 – 160 cm maximum, and it can be 65 cm high. Then it would sit nicely on the gravel strip that has been put there right next to the wall and at the same time fit nicely underneath a window sill. I take this strip of gravel to be some irrigation measure to protect the house’s foundation, so I can’t grow things on it. But I can put a box there, to pre-grow plants in spring. And then store it in the cellar, when not in use.  Such is the general plan. Today, I will go to the hardware store, to check out the construction materials on offer and see, whether they fit my fine little plan. This is almost the best stage of any building project. Scouting out how to best do it.