Sunday Matinée

This week, the topic is livestock and animals as commodities. Just because my mind is full with it. I found great artwork with statements toward this. Have a look.


animal bob-sold stephan geisler
Bob Sold Stephan Geisler
animal drain I hannah ward
Animal Drain I Hannah Ward
animal pig 194A1 david myriam
Pig 194A1 David Myriam
animal sheep matthias pilsl
Sheep Matthias Pilsl
aniaml donkey robert schmidt
Donkey Robert Schmidt
animal untitled sara lemieux
Untitled Sara Lemieux
animal way of cow santosh c h
Way of Cow Santosh C H
animal 49 in kim
49 In Kim
animal crab running sula chance
Crab running Sula Chance
aniaml pif bleeding adrian GoMa
pig bleeding Adrian GoMa
animal fishes after Ilse hulpoi
Fishes After Ilse Hulpoi
animal xixo david rosado
xixo David Rosado
animal meat me when i a mselling goose sofia youshi
Meat me when I am selling goose Sofia Youshi
animal 014 alexander wtges
Animal 014 Alexander Wtges
animal have meals guokaijun guokaijun
Have Meals Guokaijun Guokaijun
animal the catch vidir myrmann
The Catch Vidir Myrmann
animal zero value aidan myers
Zero Value Aidan Myers
animal meet me kostin sergey
Meet me Kostin Sergey

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