bring your glasses

I had to shop at the chemist’s for some cleaning items like washing powder and kitchen sponges.

I don’t know about you, but I think it a fair guess, that most women can’t leave such a place without getting at least one beauty item. It is certainly true for me. Walls stacked with every thinkable shampoo, shower gel, cream, make up, fragrance and what not always get me.

It is weird, but whenever I am not really looking for a specific beauty product, I end up at the shampoo section. After all, it can’t hurt to try out a new formula, can it?

This time I went for something herbal, claiming to be “pure”. I took the big print on the bottle to mean “without poisonous additives”. On top, from what I could make out from the bottle’s design, the ingredients promised to be biodegradable and nice smelling.

Of course, the next morning, despite the two different half full shampoos still on the sill in my shower, I had to try out the new one. I found it quite funny, that there was next to no foam developing, when I washed my hair with the new stuff. But I thought: ok, maybe because of it’s “pureness” they have left out whatever makes a shampoo froth.

It was all a very disappointing experience, though. My hair was just not behaving, when I blow-dryed it. It felt heavy and sticky and would not keep any form. But I was short for time, so I had to leave as I was. This morning, however, before jumping into the shower, I  got my reading glasses, to check the shampoo one last time before throwing it out.

It was a conditioner. So, one piece of advice for every woman, who might or might not be still claiming age 39, bring your glasses to the chemist’s!

7 thoughts on “bring your glasses

  1. Sorry kiddo, but you are still young. Mixing up shampoo and conditioner is a mistake anyone can make. Come talk to me about aging when you brush your teeth with hair gel.


  2. Ha! I’m virtually blind without any assistance from glasses or contacts, so I wouldn’t be leaving the house without them! I have to say I’ve done the conditioner thing before – what a wally! 🙂

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