This weekend I got word from my family, that my father is hospitalized and very sick. His state has gotten so bad, that he is not to be released to home care any more, but will have to be transferred to a home for old people. His Parkinson (just one of many conditions, he suffers) makes him cramp up to a point, he drops out of bed during nights and  my sister and my mom together can’t lift him back in, let alone my mom by herself. My sister’s husband had to come help. However, now he has caught pneumonia, on top of everything else, so he is to stay hospitalized until they get a hand on this condition.

Up until now, my mom has done her utmost, to keep him at home and care for him as good as she could. Even if that meant, that she could not leave the house for longer than two, three hours a day. This comes to an end now.

Both my brother and I, who live far away, have been urging my mother to get professional help in care. To ease her burden. But I understand now, why she refused, saving the money. She fears the severe cost she is facing now. She has managed to organise a bed in such a home for two trial weeks after my father gets released from the hospital. The fortnight costs as much as I earn in a month.

Now, she is panicking. She sees no way to provide for my dad’s care without putting herself out of everything. So I am busy with investigating all the legal help available, to sort this situation.

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  1. Oh, I’m so sorry. Sending you and your family all the good karma I can muster… Losing everything would be a tragedy on top on another tragedy. Nobody should have to experience that. All good things to you and yours!


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