Sunday Matinée

Are we not all in dire need of more light and sunshine? At least those of us, who live in the northern hemisphere are, I suppose. Honestly, I’ve had it with the dark, the grey and the cold. So I looked up artwork submitted under the tag “light” at saatchi art from various painters all over the world. Here’s my pick:

light caniater painting view 3 Carlo Grassini
Caniater painting view 3 Carlo Grassini
light fourteen yellow spheres giving off grren light diane Szczepaniak
Fourteen Yellow Shperes Giving off Green Light Diane Szczepaniak
light going home 2 charles choi
Going Home 2 Charles Choi
light helios II Ana D'Apuzzo
Helios II Ana D’Apuzzo
light match michaela knittelfelder-lang
Match Michaela Knittelfelder-Lang
light morning light russell canham
Morning Light Russell Canham
light naoussa 15 5 peter lock
Naoussa 15 5 Peter Lock
light red haze Ilana visotsky
Red Haze Ilana Visotsky
light twilight maj-britt niklasson
Twilight Maj-Britt Niklasson
light unexpected pleasures todd williamson
Unexpected Pleasures Todd Williamson
light untitled O arnaud paillard
Untitled O Arnaud Paillard
light white void room yoonkyung kim
White Void Room Yoonkyung Kim

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