Sunday Matinée

How I love public service broadcasting. Just this week, one of these channels (called 3sat) made me aware of a Spanish painter, I’ve never heard of before: Joaquin Sorolla. There is an exhibition with some of his work on in Munich just now, which was why this short TV feature was broadcast in the daily show KULTURZEIT (cultur time).

I loved the one or two paintings of Sorolla shown in the news clip a lot, so I went and asked Google about this painter. Turns out, he has his own Museum in Madrid, Spain, some paintings are also shown in the Prado, but he is not as well known as he should be, in my humble opinion, outwith Spain. I just love the way, he captures sunlight. Information about the painter and his life can be found here, along with a great selection of his work. And here’s what I found at Mr.Google’s of Mr. Sorolla, that caught my immediate attention:

Sorolla Las tres hermanas en la playa
Las tres hermanas en la playa Joaquin Sorolla
oxen-at-the-beach-1916 sorolla
Oxen at the Beach Joaquin Sorolla
Capturing the Moment Joaquin Sorolla
just-out-of-the-sea-1915 sorolla
Just out of the Sea Joaquin Sorolla
Summer Joaquin Sorolla
Mother Joaquin Sorolla
Paseo a la orillas del mar Joaquin Sorolla

5 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for passing his name on! The world is full of so much beauty, and I love when I stumble across more of it – as I just did now, through you. Perhaps you are already familiar with them, but if not – to reciprocate the favor, check out the Skagen painters. They have their own museum in Skagen (at the tip of Denmark) and have the same masterful command of light. They are from the same era, too. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, yes they are great. One can really tell, they lived further North by the quality of light in their paintings. Only noticed now, that I compared them to Sorolla.
      I grew up with a huge book with all the writings of Theodor Storm and it had many prints of pictures and drawings of the Skagen group in it. I even tried to copy some of them, when I was a teenager.

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