or so they say

I used to look forward to holidays. Holidays are great, or so they say.  But this week, I am not so keen on having time off work. I’d much rather go to the office and have my mind taken off the stuff going on at home.

Today will start with going to the old aunt’s house to clear out the fridge and freezer, lest the edibles waste away. Then talking to the social worker in the hospital, to find out what has to happen now. The hospital itself made it very clear, that since no intensive treatment is going on, the aunt can’t stay there for much longer than the weekend. I somehow see their point, they are there to treat people, not to care for those, whom they can’t help any longer. But I still think it a bit extreme.

Then we’ll have to go to some court dates to get all the inheritance stuff with my sweetheart’s late wife sorted. And also the work at a flat, we are having done up right now, has to be supervised.

Then my mom called, telling me, that my dad has real trouble with his catheter. He ran high fevers in the last two weeks and doctors first thought, it was the lung acting up again. Turns out, there is a big infection of the bladder, that bugs him. Meanwhile, he has developed many sores due to the fact, he can’t leave the bed at all. Causing my mom to buy a special mattress for him, that shifts the pressure points automatically and often, to prevent the sores from getting worse. Or so we hope. At this front, there’s not much I can actually do to help, but it still worries me.

Maybe I’ll start out my one week holiday with something I actually like: go to my favourite garden shop and get some soil and maybe one or two plants. Who knows, maybe spring will finally arrive this week… So I can have something nice, for a change, too.

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