Never trust the weathermen!

For what feels like weeks now, we are promised spring temperatures for the upcoming days, just to have them postponed day after day.

For last week, spring had been forcast, with two-digit centigrade to expect during the days. I am afraid, there were  barely 5° Celcius in the mornings and 5° Celcius in the afternoons, only addition bringing forth a two-digit number. With frost during the night for at least four nights. Same for this week: it’s getting warm, ran the promise. Last night the forecast had to be corrected once more, due to a cold front coming in from Russia (with no love, as far as I can see). At least here in Berlin there’s only rain, whereas further south toward the Alps, they’ll have snowfall all day. It’s 3,6° now, early this morning, but as soon as the clouds clear away, it will get cold again, with frost expected overnight. Aaawwwww!!

And it’s not just the TV weather guys, I also regularly check up two different weather apps for farmers, and the story is just the same. Forcast is always good (at this time of year, good indicating frost-free nights, so I can finally start my garden), soon to be adapted to the weather as it actually happens. The only correct information on weather these days is hindsight. I will promote my windows to main forecasters. Unfortunately, this only works for one day at a time….