some sun

Albeit this last week, officially called “holidays”, was one long chain of appointments and chores, ending appruptly with a disappointment yesterday, there still was Thursday.

Yesterday, the phone rang and one of my staff informed me, that his mother has died suddenly and could I please excuse him from work during the next few days. There is of course no question about this, but it also means, I have to cut my time off work short. Yesterday, the other reception staff helped out on her day off and I just directed her via phone, as I was in no position to cancel the notary appointment, my sweetheart and his wife’s sister had. Plus, his aunt was transferred from the hospital to a home for the elderly and we had to go there to see, what she needs to be brought from her own home. Not much, right now, as she runs a high fever and sleeps most of the time. And my sweetheart’s mom needed groceries for the weekend and next week. As today I am already back to work, this had to happen yesterday, too.

But Thursday. What a great day Thursday was. My one day really “off” during this last week, with nowhere to go and nothing to do. And the sun was out for all of the day. Ok, there was some frost in the morning, but by the time I had finished my blog entry and reader list, have had all the coffees I wanted for and was back from my dealer, the local gardener and nursery loaded up with some fresh top soil and a selection of plants, that can already be put out in this cold, the sun had melted the night’s frosty remnants away.

I spent all of the day in my garden. First preparing the soil for vegetables, in order to be ready, as soon as it gets warm enough for the salads and veggies to be planted. Repairing the lawn, I had used all of my own compost and some of my good top soil from the vegetable patches, so the latter needed some refill. I also added some worm humus for plant nutrition.

Then I planted all the hardy perennials I had purchased. I got them instead of the two peonies I was originally looking for to complement the new climbing roses in what I call my rosary on days I have an aptitude for grandeur. Peonies were not on offer, yet, it is too early for them, I was told. As I am not able to leave the nursery with just soil and no plants, I purchased perrenials for the terrace and some bigger ones for the flower patch surrounding the fruit trees.

In the afternoon, when all the work was done, I put up some of the garden furniture to just sit and enjoy the warmth of the sun. I even got my sweetheart outside, to sit with me and read the paper. He did enjoy it, I am sure, although he insisted, that it really wasn’t warm enough yet. Maybe he couldn’t feel it, because he hadn’t preheated in the sun, as I have all day. In the evening, I even felt the flush, the sun has left on my face. The day was just bliss. And I noticed the first flowers in bloom. Snowdrops, of course, as well as my lenten roses. Can’t be for very long, until spring proper arrives, I am sure.

helleborus orientalis Lenzrosegalanthus schneeglöckchen snowdropshelleborus orientalis Lenzrose lenten rose




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    1. knowing now, what kind of stuff is in your compost, I am not sure, I’d put it in my garden. Poisoned pineapples, my oh my 🙂


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