Sunday Matinée

“Garden” shall be the topic again in this weekly show and tell corner of mine. This time on how photographers deal with the topic. The ones, who put their art for sale at, anyways. As always, I made a selection based on one bias only: I had to like the images. Hope, you do, too…


g come with me andre baranowski
Come with me Andre Baranowski
g L6 Wild  Juvenal Garza
L6 Wild Juvenal Garza
g allotments michael marker
Allotments Michael Marker
g an easy breeze and velutinous eric bluechel
An Easy Breeze and Velutinous Flakes Eric Bluechel
g green in peace ernest sebastien
Green in peace Ernest Sebastien
g harmony misha Dontsov
Harmony Misha Dontsov
g garden 3 Radin Salehi Kani
Garden 3 Radin Salehi Kani
g morning glow #1 agnieszka maria zieba
Morning Glow #1 Agnieszka Maria Zieba
g sensation renaud doyen
Sensation Renaud Doyen





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