Yesterday the first thunderstorm of the year raged over Berlin’s north side. It brought some snow with it. But really just a little.

Enough though, to create a weird phenomenon: I have a polytunnel over my salad patch to protect the young plants against weather, wind and cold. This foil has small holes in it, maybe one centimeter in diameter each. The wind or whatever coincidence it was, pressed snow through one of the holes, just one of the many in it, to form a perfekt upside-down cone of snow under the tunnel. The rest of what little snow there was, just slipped down the tunnels curved sides and still sat in the edges of the salad patch, when I came home from work and inspected the damage, the thunderstorm might have caused to my garden. Which it hasn’t. Save for one pyramid of snow sitting under the poly tunnel. Right in the middle of young salad plantlings. Funny sight.

The rest of the garden was fine. With the first elegant flowers of the season showing off.



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