Sunday Matinée

Today, I feel a little ornamental. That’s why I thought of Gustav Klimt. His “Golden Kiss” still being famous all over the world. And in Vienna, one can not escape it. Every corner shop sells souvenirs printed with the motiv.

But this golden period was just a part of his art. I personally love his birch paintings and the darker side of him a lot. He was also a great portrait painter.

Being Austrian, I was fortunate enough to see many of his paintings in museums and was always caught by his mastery of skin painting. Some faces look etheral, I do not know how he was able to let the brush strokes dissapear to create floating layers of skin tones, that seem to glow from inside. Or with his woodlands, how the light seems to sparkle in the leafes. What I am most thankful for, is his influence on Egon Schiele, whom I admire a lot. But Schiele shall be the topic of another post.

Blind Man Klimt
Danae Klimt
Egelsee near Golling Klimt
Death and Life Klimt
Portrait Sonja Knips Klimt
Portrait Fritza Riedler Klimt
Gustav KlimtJudith I, 1901 Öl auf Leinwand 84 x 42 cm
Judith and the head of Holofernes, Klimt
Beech Grove I Klimt
klimt eastwood
ok, that’s a joke. But a good one: Klimt Eastwood

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  1. Only the forest one was new to me – the others seem like part of my daily life. I agree – his golden series is so omnipresent that it seems kitschy – but seeing the originals is still striking. I remember going to an exhibition on female images in Vienna. Each room you entered had about 16 – 20 paintings spaced around the four walls. When you walked into a new room, your eyes were just immediately drawn to the one Klimt in the set.

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