Sunday Matinée

As I browsed this morning, to find a subject to suit my mood for today’s Sunday Matinée, I found the title “language” in the droplist.

Language as a topic for paintings? How could that work? What would I find? And I was surprised. Have a look. All of the following paintings are dealing with language one way or the other. And yes, even the dictionary excerpt on definition is a painting. AND I like them all. As this is the main criterion in this weekly column.


l words jeroen blok
Words Jeroen Blok
l via lsf jaune mr. beope
via lsf jaune Mr. Bèopé
l noticable alma hoffmann
Noticable Alma Hoffmann
l defintion jieun choi
Definition Jieun Choi
l duet alina maksimenko
Duet Alina Maksimenko
l inside out frederique feder
Inside out Frederique Feder
l building bridges leah blits
building bridges Leah Blits
l avis rara jody guralnick
avis rara Jody Guralnick
l subtext gordon sellen
Subtext Gordon Sellen
l harmony zhang tong
Harmony Zhang Tong
l portrait mona von wittlage
Portrait Mona von Wittlage
l runes no. 4 michel taav
Runes No. 4 Michael Taav
l new phonetic XIII Shelton walsmith
New Phonetic XII Shelton Walsmith
l global warn-inc dirk kruithof
Global Warn-Inc Dirk Kruithof
l the desire to alphabet II Mahin Hafezi
The desire to Alphabet II Mahin Hafezi

2 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. So cool. The one I don’t get is “Duet”. I am surprised that I like the last one – maybe because of the title. Suddenly they become little amoebas trying to squirm themselves into symbolic form and my eyes go in search of the ones that have succeeded and can now speak to me.


    1. Glad you like them. In duet, I think it is about language as a game, conversation as a duet, the participants making fools of themselves. Or else, it might be something completely different 🙂 I just took it to be about talking. Glad you like the last one. I almost left it out. My favourite is prtrait, the yellow face on the braille paper. I almost bought it, it is done by a Berliner paintress. But it is painted with flourescent gel on braille paper, I found out. And I don’t want it to glow on me at night.


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