I am afraid, our little cat Lilly is not pregnant after all. She doesn’t show any signs. But worse even, she seems to get in heat once more. Pacing up and down all day, starting to moan and wimper again.

And would you believe it, the first suitors are already on board. There is this little black fellow in the neighbourhood, Lilly used to despise. As he is even smaller than Lilly, she regularely hissed at him, hair standing up. If that didn’t get him out of our garden, she would chase after him. I felt very sorry for the little black visitor, he stops by every day and it looks much like he just wants to play. But Lilly always shows him, that he is not welcome in her neck of the woods.

But yesterday, she allowed him to come into my garden (which, of course, she considers to be her garden) and even up the terrace steps. So maybe he will be the one. I am just afraid, he might still be too young and inexperienced, to properly serve his purpose. Same as Lilly. She clearly needs some sex-ed. Keeping the little fellow  at arm’s lenght is not close enough, I told her. But I am not sure, she got the hint.

Blacky, the visitor

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  1. Two comments saying this is a good-looking cat. I’m sorry, but it is so rare that a black cat manages to look this . . . nerdy. (Quite an achievement, actually.) My JJ would kick this guy’s butt. Lily, Lily, you are so young. There will be others, trust me.

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    1. I love your description, nerdy is just the word. Actually, I’ll call him Leonard as of now. Come to think of it, he looks a bit like Leonard of Big Bang Theory, just the glasses are missing. And JJ is twice his size.

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