love and obstacles

Now, my little cat Lilly and her black, tiny suitor, I told you about yesterday, hit it off together. But they are still faced with obstacles.

I changed the name of the tomcat from Blacky to Leonard. After Leonard Hofstadter in the Big Bang Theory. My friend circumstance commented on yesterday’s post, that he looks a bit nerdy. As per usual, she is spot on. Give this cat glasses, and it would even physically resemble the Big Bang Theory character. And he behaves just as needy around our Lilly, as Leonard does around Penny.


Oh, and the clumsiness. Let me tell you about what I saw yesterday morning. Right outside our kitchen window, there is the driveway down to the underground car park. It is sided by a wall, that runs in steps to support the ground. Lilly was running along this wall, jumping up the platforms, teasing Leonard to follow her. But he seems to be afraid of heights, so he stopped short just in front of the highest level. He got himself to put his paws up toward lovely Lilly, but first was too afraid to take the risk. But Lilly really wanted him to come up, miauwing down at him, presenting herself in lovely poses. So finally, Leonard braced up and took the jump. As the adrenaline or what other hormones rush through cats in such situations, flooded him after this achievement, he jumped right on top of Lilly, too. What can I say, he fell off her, dropping right down onto the driveway sloping into the ground. Poor Leonard, what a shame.

too short

They both decided, the wall was no place for love and went around the house for level ground. Lilly even stayed still, flattening herself on the ground, to make it a little easier for Leonard. He took the hint and tried his luck once more. As cats do, he had the habit of biting Lilly in the neck while trying to make love to her, right in his genes. Problem being, that he is too short, so while he nudged his head into Lilly’s neck, he couldn’t reach the important bits on her rear. What a pity. I guess, we’ll have to wait another season, before we’ll have kittens, so Leonard has time to grow a little.




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