sunny day at work

Yesterday was our annual open day at work.

Although I ran the usual preps, including press releases, hanging posters, mailing flyers and so on, I didn’t expect a big turn out, as it was also Mother’s Day. But we are restricted to one “open golf week”, the timing of which is coordinated by the German Golf Association. Next weekend will be a holiday weekend, and most Berliners tend to leave the city for the Pentecost break. So I opted for Mother’s Day. At least, people are in town and some might even bring their moms along.

And right I was. Way over 200 people came to see our golf course and try themselves out on the small, white ball. Staff, trainers and volunteer members did a  great job again, making it all a success.

It was a brilliant day full of sunshine, that I spent outside. Quite unusual for me, the office bug. Despite using sun screen lotion, my face and arms got a little sunburn. Moreover, I think, I also suffered a severe overdose of oxygen exposure which I’ll have to cure now with three days of hiding out under my desk 🙂