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I do apologize for neglecting you and this platform for more than a week. But it’s been a ride. Let me explain…

Ever since I know my sweetheart, his furniture has been a sore to my eyes. Well most of it. When I moved in with him, he said I could alter what ever I wanted. For some reason or other, this took a couple of years to happen. But finally, this year, I got him to agree to a new settee, which we ordered way back when. To be delivered end of winter (so I would still have time to do up the entire living room, while we were at it). However, the delivery was late. So we got notice, that the thing would arrive Monday a week ago.

In mid season, I just had one day off work before this said Monday, to empty out and paint the room. It took us 12 straight hours of work, with taping things off, painting, cleaning, building and painting a fitted shelf to house the heater and give us some shelving next to the settee. I had picked a very dark shade of petrol-green to go with a light turquoise of the same colour family and white-washed walls and ceiling. Hoping, it all would go with the near silver to blueish settee. So it was good-bye to my old, green wall and hello to the new shades.

Albeit our little cat Lilly seemed to like the new living situation, soon picking her spot on the sofa, it took us a while to adjust.  But we liked what we saw. I will tell you in detail about that new miracle settee in another post.

That one day of renovations was too much for my back, it turned out. Something went wrong with my disks again. This time blocking a certain movement in my left leg. Leaving me almost unable to drive my car, because I have to basically lift my left leg up with my hands to put it on the clutch. Beside the other pains in the lower back. I walk like an old lady ever since. Getting out of the bed being the hardest task.

But, of course, there are the twelve hour working days at the office. And I also got rid of the horrible glass cabinet in the process of doing up the room. I never liked the thing, containing our glasses. It always looked dusty if not to say a little bit grimy. And the black cupboard containing all music CDs and LPs we own, I threw out as well, while I was at it. So I went to buy a proper cabinet for the glasses and two smaller ones to go on the wall for the music. All to go with the new colours. A decision met with much scepticism by the sweetheart. I just went after work and bought it all, dragged all the boxes myself and put them there to be put together by him the next day. Not an easy task with my sore back, trust me.

He really liked everything, after he had assembled the furniture. Four of the cabinet’s doors are built like a picture frame, so we can put in what we want or can leave them a glassy white. He and I had much fun browsing for posters to go into the doors of the music cabinet. Luckily, there are two doors, so he got to pick one and I the other, matching it in colour to his choice. We are eager to have them delivered, to find out, how they’ll look.

This is the only thing left to do. Apart from the tedious task of padding our chairs with the same fabric the settee is made of. And picking a new coffee table. I know, what I want, but couldn’t find one to my liking yet. Untill this happens, we’ll just do with the old one. And finally; I’ll have to have pictures hung in the room. Then we shall be finished with project living room 2016.

Meanwhile, at work, our restaurant is in severe trouble. The new cook hired this March packed in. Not even working out her two week’s notice, filing sick the day she resigned. And the chef himself has the same back trouble, I have. Just worse. He was almost on his hands and knees this weekend, having to give in yesterday. So today I am off to get a red card (from the local health authority, a pass everyone working in a bar or restaurant kitchen has to carry) and will help out in the kitchen. On top of everything else. There is no way, we can make it through this week full of events without some weird arrangements. The food may taste funny, but there will be food.

This is why I haven’t even switched on my computer all week long. The mornings were reserved for back stretching and getting in a position to move at all. The rest I just barely made it through. This may continue for a while. So please put up with me, I shall be back some time soon.

4 thoughts on “off line, at work

    1. thanks. It’s actually been an ongoing bother for years. Gardening or working overhead (as in painting ceilings) is poison, but I still do it. So it is basicalyy my own fault. 🙂


  1. Nice to hear from you – sorry about the back troubles. Have you been to a doctor or are you just suffering through? Love the new living room. I’ve already picked out my spot too.

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    1. Aw you know me, no time for docs. It is getting a little better, but I really have to keep my daily workout for the spine going, to be able to go to work. But as couch potatoing or staying in bed is also painful, what’s the point of staying home. I think, moving is better.


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