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I am still alive, despite the long silence here. Just feel,  I have to give a little intermediate report to those, who still look up this blog once in a while.

My back is a lot better, altough in no way good. Our new living room turned out just perfect. The only thing missing are the big pictures (just like in real life – can’t get over Brexit and have no idea what got into the Brits.) The prints to go behind the settee and the dining table won’t be ready until July 6th. They will measure 65 x 180 cm (Loipersdorf landscape behind the settee) and 100 x 140 cm (detail of cabbage behind the dining table). The choice of motive sounds weird, I know, but I hope, all will turn out just right.

Here’s the new poster boys in the music cabinet doors and the new glass cupboard along with the dining chairs in their new dress:


Very surprising to me, I like the new room so much, that I prefer to have my morning coffee there, rather than sitting in front of the computer in the mornings, blogging. One gets used to this quite soon, hence the long silence.

Meanwhile, the sweetheart completely lost it. Motivated by the outcome of our efforts, he fell into a shopping frenzy. By now, we picked an entire new bedroom, including various trips to town to look at things. And finally, yesterday, he had the building management in to discuss new floors. Which we were granted immideately. So, rather soon, the entire place will have new, wooden flooring.

This works such: he spends all day browsing and searching for stuff, listing everything he likes and we can afford. I return home from work and have to sit and look at his picks, giving it a thumb up or down. There are no arguments, surprisingly, albeit I mostly opt for something other than what he favoured. Except for the bed. He said, he had fallen in love with a certain bed, made of massive wood called core beech. I liked the wood, but the design of the bed looked inept and lumbering to me and I wasn’t going to accept it. It took me a trip into town to a shop, where the bed could be viewed in real, to make him see and agree to my point. I know the magic of photography, it makes certain things look great on the picture, but if you consider its real shape and form, things are slightly different.

So we are now going to have bedroom furniture with three slightly different types of wood and I just hope, things will go together the way I picture it in my mind.

Outside, the garden is fine, everything blooming.  The slugs have a great season too, eating through my vegetables. Turns out, I apparently have created this slug nursery at my compost. All of them seemingly taking munching trips into my vegetable patches overnight. Whoever is not back at the compost pile in time, come early morning, of course gets picked up and thrown over to the other side of the road. Most of the beasts wisened up and take their hide just in time to escape THE GLOVE (I wear a gardening glove to pick up the slimy animals, lest they slip out of my hands). Leaving my vegetable patches in a sorry state. Aw, it’s nature, so what the heck. But I have to say, the slugs are gourmets, only going for the finest, freshest plant available at any given time. Young sprouts they prefer. Leaving the plant no chance to grow.


I’ll spare you an update on the work situation. It’s hell. But not to worry, I’ll be able to cope. As long as I have my flowers to lift my spirits of an evening. Which they do, reliably so.


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