I’m getting a bit tired of the clutter at home.

We were informed, that our new wardrobe and the bed would be delivered no sooner than end of August. Alas, they both arrived last Friday. My sweetheart is an excellent craftsperson, so he assembled the bed in no time. When I came home late Friday evening, I had some trouble making it out, because he had already unpacked the boxes, that contained all the bits and pieces of the wardrobe, filling up the entire flat. But the bed looks fab, I found out since. And most important, one sleeps very well in it. Having said that, these days I would propably sleep very well on bare ground, too. Tired, as I am.

With the wardrobe, however, it is a different story. One person can not put it up alone. So he needs my help for assembly. And I don’t have time till Friday. Well, I do have two hours this morning, but the sweetheart is sound asleep, still. Even if I woke him now, it would take a while for him to come round.

So what the heck. I’ll just have to put up with boards and boxes strewn everywhere for a couple more days.

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