One is tempted to assume, there is nothing cuter than ones pet. This is certainly true for me (and my sweetheart) and our cat Lilly. Just have a look.


But one tends to forget, that they have a set of teeth, too. Which is still kind of cute, when exposed thus:


However, the cutest cutie still is a predator. Can’t be, one thinks, when cuddling up to that fuzzy furball of an evening. But when Lilly drags in her prey, things look slightly different.



What I can’t understand: she is such a picky eater. If her food is not made with tuna or other fish, she just won’t touch it. But any mouse or even insect she catches, she eats. Surely, such a little mouse from the field or a big green grasshopper can’t taste good, can they?

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  1. Maybe you are just making it too easy for her. Put her food in a kitty pinata and make her work for it. My cat has to stealthily bypass Dog Three in order to reach his bowl. Once there he licks it clean.

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