rising commotion

Coming weekend, the club championships are on. As we have a lot of real good golfers in our club, for the title proper (open class) one can’t just enlist, there is a qualifying process, regulated by results in the monthly medal. This year, to qualify, one has to have played  85 strokes or less in one of those events. For the championship title in the age groups 35+, 50+ and juniors (18 or younger), folks can just enlist. The age group 65+ and 12 or younger already had their separate events earlier this year. If there are more enlisted per age-group than there are starting slots available, the better handicaps can compete. Male and female starting slots are made available according to the male/female ratio of members in the club, so there are appr. two thirds of slots available to men, one third to women. If one group isn’t fully booked, the other gets the extra places.

For the title proper, players have to play two rounds on Saturday, then there will be a cut for the best results to play the final round on Sunday. Everybody else just plays 18 holes per day.

With that many wanting to compete, we always have a hard time to get them through Saturday. We start them off as of 07:30 in the morning. There is some daylight as of 06:00, but 1,5 hrs head start for greenkeeping to prepare the courses is a real tight squeeze. The second round starting around 13:00, right after the last of AK50+ has begun their first round, with the last groups teeing off around 15:00/15:30, they are expected back in around sunset. And we play both courses on the Saturday. The finals on Sunday are kept on one course, with a crowd of several hundred people expected, to cheer the players on.

So, there is a big buzz these days. Of the many enlisted, enquiring as to their chances of being accepted and when would their tee off time be? And then, of course, of your other members, who are surprised each and every year, that on Saturday both courses are in use for the Championships, so no, they can’t play themselves at all.

Luckily, for organisation purposes, we are all set. I get the REALLY early shift both days, having to be there around 06:00 each day, as I want to go out and take pictures later in the day. And need to be there to record the winners for all the reports, that are due Sunday evening. There is a ruling committee organised and somebody to start the field off. The restaurant knows, when who is expected to come in for their meals between rounds. There is somebody out, offering drinks and cool towels to competitors halfway through their round, as the weather forecast predicts some 27°C for the weekend. And of course, my club secretary, has everything ready for live scoring on the internet throughout the weekend. He is also on the rules committee and in charge of results and starting lists. My other reception staff will hold down the fort for regular visitors, just wanting to practice or play on the Sunday.

Just hope, everything will run as smoothly as expected. And am still considering, whom to bet on for the title. With the Ladies, I’m all set, Polly has to win and I’ll let her know, my money is on her. With the Gents, I’m not so sure. There are about five boys able to do it. I guess, Falko will have the better luck this year, or maybe David? He’s still hungry. We shall see.

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