short trip

Tomorrow I am off to Nuremberg to attend a congress of my branch of work for two days. My train leaves at the unearthly hour of 04:46 off Berlin-Spandau. Add a 20 minute drive to the station and you get a rough idea about when I have to get up. Maybe best to not go to sleep at all.

All my own fault. I left it too long to book a flight to get a decent rate. And I didn’t want to drive, either. I have no time for getting there a day earlier and driving for five or six hours prior to listening to talks all day long are no fun. So the train it was.

Honestly, I am not looking forward to this. But every three years or so, one has to show ones face on such occassions. Just to get updated and network a little. Can’t do no harm. Plus I already received personal letters last winter to ask me to attend, as I have neglected the GMVD (Golf Management Verband Deutschland) activities for too long. But I have to carve out those two days of an already busy week.

What the heck, I’ll get through it. Hopefully, there will be some nice chats with colleagues, rewarding me for the trouble.