all of it

Number two of the Presidential Debates I watched in full. I think, this time over, it revealed so much more of the two people running for office.

I liked the format much better, with real people asking questions. Overall, I think, the moderators were giving much more stage to Mrs. Clinton. But then again, she was the only one with anything substantial to say.

Whereas Mr. Trump never had much more than accusations to offer. And praise for everything he is about to do. He just didn’t elaborate on how he is planning to go about it. Other than cutting taxes and sending people – criminals he called them – back home. Oh, and he intends to bring the American energy suppliers back to business with coal-mining. Of all things. And fracking, I think was, what he referred to by mentioning new technologies available for energy production.

I particularly disliked him blaming Mrs. Clinton for things her husband has or allegedly has done. What’s that got to do with the price of tea in China? And how is it going to help in defence of his so-called “locker-room” comments? Just because another man may be filthier than him, he is good? And Mrs. Clinton is worse? Please!

It was really worth it, watching to the end. I loved that last request, posed to the two: Name one thing you respect in your opponent. This was the only real good answer coming from Mr. Trump, stating that he liked Mrs. Clintons qualities as a fighter. The fact, that she doesn’t quit. Her answer to the same question found nothing respectable in the man himself, but she said she respects his children. Very telling, isn’t it? And a shrewd move.