how blue

I wonder how blue and lonesome it will get. The new Rolling Stones album, to be released Dec. 2nd this year. It is said, that the new album was recorded in just two days in London.

How blue will they get, toward the end of their lives? After 54 years as a band?  After 250 million albums sold. It is amazing to think, that four Gentlemen, a summarized 288 years of age, still want to make music together.

I really like looking at them. Their faces are iconic and I like the older version much better. Funnily, it was always Keith Richards, I liked best. And Jagger the least. For my sweetheart, who is a huge Stones fan, Jagger is the star. But then again, he keeps telling me, he was likened to Jagger a lot as a young man. Looking at old photographs of him, I can believe it. He certainly had the same hairdo. At least I now know what to get my sweetheart for a Christmas present.


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