more gold

After receiving a gold medal for environmentally friendly and safe working procedures just recently (I did brag a little not so long ago), my place of work got decorated with some more gold this week. Again from the German Golf Association, but this time for excellency in the promotion of juniors in the sport. We were ranked 8th best of all golf clubs in Germany, with the 10 best golf clubs being awarded a gold certificate, accompanied by a substantial sum of money to aid the cause further. This is the second time in a row, we received this award.

It is an amazing achievement, I think. Considering, that we are just a young and upcoming golf club, barely 20 years old. Compared to the top clubs ranked in front of us, which are either heavily sponsored by industry (St. Leon Rot, 1st.) or clubs with a longstanding tradition and really well to do (Hubbelrath in Düsseldorf, Eichenried near Munic, Wannsee in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munic golf clubs). Accordingly, their budgets are at least double than what we are able to spend on juniors and their golf training and travel.

The additional funding will hopefully enable us to carry on with the development of many more youngsters to maybe become great players. Althoug it by no means is enough, every little bit helps.