a first

This year, for the first time in my life, I’ll have my own Christmas Tree.

My sweetheart’s mom decided, she won’t host Christmas any more. We had this nice family routine to all gather at Christmas Eve in her house – sweetheart, the aunt and I. While mom and the sweetheart prepared dinner, it was my job to decorate the tree with the help of aunt. But this year, the aunt has passed away. None of us were fancying to look at that empty seat at Christmas, so we said, we would do Christmas at our place.

Mom is now repeatedly promting me, to take over all her Christmas Tree dekoration. What she does not know, is, that I’ve been running wild on getting my own. Just last week I was out shopping. I needed new pyjama pants, as two of the ones in use were so worn out, they had to be binned. But what did I come home with, instead? Lots of ornaments for the tree.

Now I sit here in my sweatheart’s jogging pants, looking at a box full of tinsel for the tree. Woe to me, if I ever change the colour layout of my living room, as most of it is in exactly the hues used on the walls and decoration right now.

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