Sunday Matinée

You have been warned: there will be further posts on all the great paintings I have seen in Amsterdam at Rejksmuseum. Tadaa – this week’s topic is food.

I have been stunned by the detail and liveliness, with which foods were depicted on canvases several hundred years old. As if the produce were right there to be consumed. Lit perfectly, one just wanted to grab a bite, mouth watering already.

Sweetheart was most impressed with the oyster table still life (still life with a gilt cup, Willem Claesz, 1635). Given, depth of detail is pretty much unmatched on this painting. But I was totally taken by the asparagus (still life with asparagus, Adriaen Coorte, 1697). I wanted to take the bundle off the wall and just peel and cook it, already smelling it’s fine aroma…


detail of the above


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