If you want to know, what made my day today, please read this: “Pretty in Pink”.

I almost fell off my chair, when I was through reading this post from my (American) friend who lives in rural Austria. She is much likely the only American in this village and beyond. But she still went to join the hundreds of thousand other people in their protest march against POTUS45, staging her very own… So impressive.

protest, photo taken from “Pretty in Pink” by circumstance


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  1. Glad to give you a laugh and thanks for the link – my “views” are suddenly going through the . . . basement window!
    As for the “impressive” part – I did more posing than marching. But then again, I REALLY had a good time making that sign! And the whole thing made me feel generally better.
    I’d say that during these times, anything you find that makes you feel better – DO IT!

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