As good as yesterday started, it ended horribly.

I received a phone call from my little sister (she’s 43, but will always remain my little sister), informing me, that she is just out of intensive care after a big and life threatening cancer operation, now able to talk again. And when have I been to the gynaecologist last?

She learned the news right before Christmas, went through all the pre- operation tests and finally had the tumor and its many metastases, along with every reproductive organ and lymphgland in the area removed. Now training her bladder to take up work again. Already worried about the impending chemo-therapy. Reporting about her long scar running from her pubic bone up right to her chest. The direct painkiller pump connected to her body to control the pain. The immediate onset of menopause, sweating and shivering with hot and cold flashes through the nights. Again urging me to go and have myself checked. Her form of cancer being an inheritable variety.

I was shocked. I wanted to start a rant. Why hasn’t anyone informed me of her falling ill? I would have been there last Monday. And all the days since. But of course, I could not complain to my sister. And now I am going to check for flights to Austria.

Anybody out there, who can give me tipps on how to best deal with a cancer patient?


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    1. In his book “Understanding life”, “Das Leben verstehen”, Wilhelm Schmid told about his encounters and philosophical talks at hospital. He writes about a woman, he accompanied during her cancer treatments until a last farewell.

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  1. So sorry, Ly. I understand the added shock of being left out of the loop because you live farther away – such a call as you had today is my perpetual worry. Take your sister’s advice concerning your own health. Book that flight. As for dealing with cancer survivors – just listen – and I know you do that well. As for complications with possible other plans – all of that is secondary. Be there for your sister. Love you.

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    1. thank you! sweetheart was of the opinion, I should not go, as there isn’t much I can do right now to help. But I am sure, just turning up is important. So I am going, anyways. will keep you posted.


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