winter hunt

Our little cat Lilly is bored out of her brain. She hates the cold, and it was cold for a long time now. So her trips to the great outdoors are limited to as little time as possible. I guess, she just goes to the toilet and heads straight back in.

As I have mentioned before, she was never interested in screens or what is shown on them. So much so, that I just assumed, she can not see properly, what is shown on monitors. Alas, I was wrong.

As I watched a nature documentary recently, Lilly, as per usual rolled up next to me on the settee, she all of a sudden started at the sound of a flock of birds. She was mesmerized, her nose glued to the screen, from then on in. Whenever there was a close up of one of the bird specimen, she shied back, startled at how in an instant a bird can appear to be five times her own size.


This made me smile. And it awoke the hunting spirit in my cat again. As the programme was finished, she ventured out and was back with a mouse shortly after. Thank you very much, 3Sat.

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  1. My cat is primarily outdoor (nicknamed The Huntress) and gets bored in the winter being pampered and laying around on a cushion. She is not into TV or computer monitor though, she just likes to stand in the way of the screen so we can’t see it.

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