I picked up some news trivia this morning: Johnny Depp, actor, is on the brink of bancrupcy, the BZ (Berliner Zeitung) reports, next to other news sources.

Giving details of a multi-millionaire gone crazy, throwing money out of the window as if there were no tomorrow, now facing the dire consequences.

I have no clue, whether any of this holds any truth. And, to be honest, I am not even all that interested, even if it were so.

All that came to my mind, was the fascination of this man’s story-telling as an actor. How he impressed me in two movies, both released in 1993: Benny and Joon and What’s eating Gilbert Grape.

Benny and Joon still being one of my favourite movies of all time.

Why do I mention this here? I dunno, really. Maybe because I am in dire need of something trivial right now. Maybe, because I developed a slight crush on this man’s face, portrayed in said films? And am now taken aback to read about some seemingly childish behaviour, the real persona behind this face evinced? Go figure…

All I can say, is, that I wish him well. There’s something about this face, that makes me let him get away with lot’s of stuff… Knowing full well, that he is not to credit for the stories, nor the cast or directing of these movies.


picture from storypick

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