I have been going on in detail about all the activities during my friend’s visit recently. But there are two more oddities I’d like to share.

We visited the two main cathedrals of catholics and protestants in Berlin. One of which – the protestant – featured another two unusual things to see.

Upon entering the main church, one is all impressed by its grandeur and size, the eye screening all over the place. In my case also up to it’s roof. This was the moment, I was briefly shocked, as I thought, I have dedected the church being on fire. As there was smoke wafting somewhere half up to the cupola.


However, this was just for a brief moment, as I dedected such steamy outlets on three more places under the roof, much likely a device to regulate air humidity in order to keep all the artwork in the cathedral in mint condition. It was, however, a weird thing to see, this smoke billowing into the dome.


The second thing catching my curiosity, was a statue, which didn’t seem to fit all the other artwork in the building. The figure was made of fired clay, I guessed, and sat on a little ledge backed with black stone. The place it was presented looked much like it was originally put there to fit a much bigger statue or maybe was intended as backdrop for a painting, that somehow wasn’t there. So they put this figure up to close the gap.

When I looked around, I saw more statues of the same kind around the church, all of them on their separate cornices of the same make. Save for one, which was left empty.  The figures all had a very modern look about them. And at the same time were very morbid. I liked them a lot. They gave that feeling of admonishers in a desert mostly made of gold….

Wondering, what they were and who made them, I looked up the cathedral’s internet site. But could not find any information. So I’ll just have to let it be for the time being. Next time, I’m there, I’ll ask somebody about them.

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