Usually in spring, there is this roadshow on tour, at which the leading software provider for golf clubs shares information on new features programmed and how to put them to use. It is held in various regions, in the Berlin area usually at a golfclub to the south of Berlin, so as to minimize the travelling times for those golf club staff, who work further south in the area of Eastern Germany down as far as Dresden and Leipzig. And it always starts at three o’clock in the afternoon, running well into the evening. I thought, it was on yesterday, going into work geared up to leave around two, as I have an one hour drive to the south of Berlin.

At 12 o’ clock my outlook calendar popped me a warning with the appointment. I was all confused and rang the venue, to enquire the starting time. The girl said: They have started just now…. I got it all wrong. While the appointment I thought was on, is going to happen in two weeks time, yesterday was a different thing all together. An information event on a campaign, the German Golf Association launched countrywide. It’s a kind of “bring a non-golfing friend to the course” concept, not new, but pushed in an officially orchestrated effort to bring more folks to take up the game. And this workshop was set to begin at noon.

So I had to leave in a hurry and was going to be an hour late, minimum. Luckily, traffic was easy and the first hour was mostly spent on pleasantries, so I didn’t miss much. After the thing was done, it was a pleasure to enjoy a glass of wine and a chat with my colleague working at the host’s golfclub.

Her job there is in many ways similar to mine and she has been working at her club even longer than I have been at my place. I think it is 20 years now. So we share lot’s of experiences and have great fun discussing work matters. Heavily on the joking side of things, esp. making fun of our customers. Great way to let off some steam with somebody, who knows exactly, what one is talking about. After all, golfers seem to behave the same, everywhere. And one can never do that, elsewhere.

However, the trip home was not much fun. Torrent rainfall and heavy winds, forboding  storm Thomas, predicted for today, made me crawl on the motorway at maximum 80 km/hr. Making the way home last forever. I hate driving, when  I can’t see properly. I had my wipers on full speed, but still had a hard time making out anything for all that rain and spray around. However, I did get home ok….

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