Sunday Matinée

Please meet Florian Müller. Photographer, based in Cologne, Germany.

His work is “all about the evocation of thoughts, associations, emotions and memories“, he says on his website. And furthermore:”In times of an endless flood of images and greed for perfection I see the necessity to look into an entirely different direction: The images is not enough, it is the abstraction and the individual view of the beholder, together they reach into and below the surface of customary patterns of conception...”

I saw a series of his pictures, that had a certain attraction: woods – with weird stuff going on in them. Just a tad surreal. Found out, the series is called REM (as in rapid eye movement) by the artist.

rem_12 Florian Müller
REM_12 Florian Mueller
rem_01 Florian Müller
REM_01 Florian Mueller
rem_04 Florian Müller
REM_04 Florian Mueller
REM_08 Florian Müller
REM_08 Florian Mueller
rem_05 Florian Müller
REM_05 Florian Mueller

But looking further into his body of work, I found many more interesting and beautiful pictures to look at:

transitus-217 Florian Mueller
transitus-201 Florian Müller
transitus-201 Florian Mueller
mountains-of-gold-09 Florian Müller
mountains-of-gold-09 Florian Mueller
not_christo-04 Florian Müller
not Christo 04 Florian Mueller
artefakt_01 Florian Müller
Artefact 01 Florian Mueller
multivision_manhattan_XII Florian Müller
multivision_manhattan_XII Florian Mueller
singularity_10 Florian Müller
Singularity 10 Florian Mueller
singularity_08 Florian Müller
Singularity 08 Florian Mueller
singularity_01 Florian Müller
Singularity 01 Florian Mueller
House_of_Goliath-07 Florian Müller
House_of_Goliath-07 Florian Mueller
rosebuddy-04 Florian Müller
rosebuddy-04 Florian Mueller
rosebuddy-03 Florian Müller
rosebuddy 03 Florian Mueller
rosebuddy-01 Florian Mueller




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  1. I actually liked the forest series a lot. I can imagine you were more drawn to the more geometric pictures – straight lines and cubes . . . The last three pics were stunning. I bet we can both agree on that. 🙂

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