bye, bye winter

Spring is officially about to start. Time to say goodbye to winter. Which in my case also means goodbye decent working hours, goodbye off-season time.

But we weren’t exactly idle at work this winter. Completely overhauled the restaurant, giving it a new look. With the help of one of our members, a very capable woman who designs store interiors for Cartier, LongChamps, Hermes and the like. I think, within the budget limitations we have (compared to those big names), she did a great job.

säule detail nordost 19.03.17-kl

With the rest of our membership, it was as usual. Without even having seen it properly (just glimpsing through the doors) half of them hated it, the other half loved it.

Yesterday, on the occasion of the season opening reception, we presented the new interior to those, who turned up. Roughly one hundred members came, and many liked it. I don’t know, how many didn’t, as they obviously weren’t telling me. But I loved the two, three folks coming up to me, saying, that although they haven’t liked it looking through the door, now that they were inside, sitting comfy, they love the new look.

So, spring starts well. Now just somebody needs to tell the weather to live up to the new season…