It is two and a half weeks now, since I stopped smoking. And I am still adjusting.

Surprise facts:

Smoking seems to be a time consuming habit. I have now lot’s of time at certain points during the course of a day. Like early mornings, while I have my coffee and used to have lot’s of cigarettes. Now I have twice as much coffee during the same time. I seem to be drinking instead of inhaling. I am not sure, this is such a good developement. As I had too much coffee as it was, already. Now I might get caffeine poisoning.

Cigarettes are obviously inspiring and helped me concentrate. Example: my blogging happened quite naturally in the mornings, without much effort at all. I sat down with my cup of coffee, lit a cigarette and it just happened. These days I find myself sitting here, mind blank and no inspiration to write about anything. Or at work: I run out of steam after a couple of hours and have trouble concentrating on anything at all. But this might be owed to the fact, that I just don’t take any brakes any more, since I stopped smoking.

Oh, and my spark plug on wheels (that’s my tiny car) does in fact operate on nicotine rather than gasoline. Still, every time I turn the ignition, I want to smoke. While elsewhere, I am pretty ok without cigarettes now.

Nicotine gums and sprays are way overrated. After the first few days, anyways. I bought both the first day I stopped smoking. The spray I could not take at all, it made my stomach hurt, oddly enough. The gum helped. But since I recalled my friend’s experiences with nicotine gums, when she tried to quit (she ended up chewing more and more gums), I soon switched to regular chewing gums. And this was absolutely fine. It is just the chewing, I like. To replace the mouth activity, smoking provides.I still have half of the nicotine gums from the first pack sitting in a drawer unused.

6 thoughts on “adjusting

  1. Well done! When I gave up I wondered what people did if they didn’t smoke. There were lots of gaps in the day. Good luck with it, and if you fall once, don’t let it put you off, just start giving up all over again.

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  2. Can’t tell you how proud I am of you. And good to hear that you discovered in one tenth the time that regular gum has the same (good) effect as nicotine gum minus the (bad) effect of making one even more addicted to nicotine.
    Easter vacation starts in two weeks from today. I have decided that if you are still a non-smoker on that day, I will become one too.

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