Up until Wednesday this week, there was still frost in the mornings. Icy winds drove rain and dark clouds over the land. But yesterday? Bam, 22°C and sun all day. With the forecast for today predicting up to 25°C – which would make today officially a summer day.

Not that I am complaining. But it is a little weird. As if  spring got skipped all together.

Good thing was, that I had a day off yesterday. So I got to enjoy the sun, weeding away in my garden in the morning. Spending the afternoon on the terrace on the outdoor lounge sofa. Staring through my blooming forsythia into blue skies. Idling time away thinking of nothing in particular. It was great.


7 thoughts on “spring?

  1. I like the thought of you on your patio couch, daydreaming away. And I hope this golf season will go more smoothly than the last one so that you have time for your beloved weeding. BTW – guess what I did for about 20 minutes today?

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