Sunday Matinée

Please meet Joel Filipe today. The Spanish digital designer and creative director (the only one of his kind, who doesn’t drink coffee, as he states on his website) is also a great photographer, in my opinion. He did a series on skyscrapers disappearing in clouds, that I think beutiful, delicate, poetic even. Hope you agree…


busse Joel Filipe
8 Joel Filipe
Madrid Joel Filipe
torre espacio
torre espacio Joel Filipe

5 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. Between my newfound fear of heights and September 11th PTSD and mz general heathenism, I confess I find it hard to combine skyscrapers with anything heavenly. These pictures all seem cold to me.

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      1. A fear that developed slowly over a long time. Add that to the driving on the Autobahn one and I am getting positively wimpy in my seniorish years.
        Thanks for the email – but it is no longer necessary. We found a different onward flight on the same day. But if, possible, maybe you could be on call, just in case they miss their connection or something?

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  2. Love it, Lyart, how the structure of the buildings just evanesces into the sky. You have an eye for beautiful art. Most gardeners do. The “no coffee” part, though? Me and my French press are BFF’s. 🙂

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