which one

I can never decide, which season I like best. Just one thing is sure: it is not summer, surprisingly.

I just love nature in spring, when everything refreshens itself. All the green is like newly painted and there are blossoms in abundance everywhere. But then again, I also love the golden haze, autumn casts over the land. All the colours showing off one last time, before frost wipes them away for good. Oh, and the beauty of fresh snow. I just can’t decide, but maybe it is just the change, I need.

I don’t think I would much care to live somewhere with very little change in seasons and warm to hot weather all year round. That might sound great to many, but not to me.  I like to have a winter. Given, there is no need for it to drag on for half a year, but  for Christmas it should be cold. And preferably snowy. Which, with a changing climate, is not a given any more.

For the time being, I love the signs of spring. Even at work, where it is just so beautiful right now. Even the big birds seem to be in a good mood. Have a look.


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