Sunday Matinée

Pop Art it is this week. Meet Thomas Saliot, who lives in Paris and Marrakech. He paints from images he finds on the internet, he says on his website. I thought him rather old for this kind of art, when I first saw the photograph he published of himself, but then I learned he is exactly my age, so maybe he isn’t all that old, after all 😉

But honestly, while his overall body of works looks a little limited to me in choice of motive and maybe even technique, lots of his paintings are very entertaining. Or touching. Have a look:


I love you too
I love you too Thomas Saliot
black smoke
Black Smoke Thomas Saliot
ny winter cab
NY winter cab Thomas Saliot
pink soul
Pink Soul Thomas Saliot
Car Smoke Thomas Saliot
the loner
the loner Thomas Saliot
black magic woman
Black Magic Woman Thomas Saliot
Morning Lights Thomas Saliot
Strider Thomas Saliot

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