This morning was already adventurous.

Coming into the kitchen I found our cat Lilly’s food corner invaded by ants. Hundreds and hundreds of the little creepers swarmed over the cat’s bowls with food and drink. Investigating the source, I saw a busy row of ants crossing the living room, hiding under the dinner table carpet as long as it was in their general direction, leaving it again to lead to what must be a hole in the wall somewhere behind floor and washboard.

I called Sweetheart, whose job it is to kill the vermins. I hate killing animals, but I do see the necessity in this case. The sandy grounds in the area we live in, seem to be an ant paradise. They are everywhere. And sometimes they come inside. We are on the ground floor, so we do get invaded regularly. But only once or twice a year. The creepers are quite intelligent. Once they have been sprayed out of the place, some survivors obvioulsy let the entire population know, that this place is a no-go zone hence forth. However, a few generations down, they try again.

The animals must be in the walls, too. As our neighbours from the first floor had them in their place, too.

Now, after hoovering the dead insects and washing all the floors twice, I finally have to get ready for work. Great Easter Monday, this is.

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  1. Oh no! A bit early for the ants to be picnicking, I thought. I heard that putting a stripe of borax or bleach across possible entryways (doors, windowsills, etc) will deter them. Anyway, hope your Sweetheart can get them under control. đŸ™‚

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