Sunday Matinée

Please meet Mila Plaickner today. The Croatian born artist living and working in Austria, says, the process of painting is the main and almost obsessive pull for herself. Her subjects are somewhere between the figurative and the abstract. I quite like her art.

auf den stühlen stehen
Auf den Stühlen stehen – standing on chairs – Mila Plaickner
blue man
Blue Man – Mila Plaickner
Bühne – Stage – Mila Plaickner
hintereinander stehen
Hintereinander stehen – standing one after another – Mila Plaickner
Kopflos – Headless – Mila Plaickner
Pina – Mila Plaickner
sie warten
Sie warten – they wait – Mila Plaickner
unterwegs in wien
unterwegs in Wien – out and about in Vienna – Mila Plaickner

9 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. I like them, too. Obscurity brushed across very realistic detail. “Headless” was my favorite, how the head is there but sort of camouflages into the wind or wall… like a person who feels invisible. 🙂

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