100 and a girl

100 days and not much to show. Apart from u-turns on almost every proposal made during the campaign. Not that this were a bad thing.

POTUS45 is not having a fun time. And this is also ok. I hope, his frustration tolerance level is high enough to not come up with something utterly stupid that involves a lot of danger for many people. Like kindling a war somewhere. Just to sidetrack the public from flops  in policies back home.

On the positive side: he seems to be a quick learner. NATO is no longer obsolete, to give just one example. I am sure, you follow the comedians worldwide, making a good living of pointing his volte-faces out explicitly. But this also means, he is adapting. To the normative powers of the factual. Non-fake factual, this time.

His daughter Ivanka was visiting Berlin on occasion of the Women 20 Summit recently. Because Mrs. Merkel invited her. Sly move from Mrs. Merkel, who was not so keen on Daddy, by the looks of it. The First Daughter had a hard time at the summit, to explain (and defend) her father at a public discussion at the W20. The audience actually booed her. I can appreciate her pains. She is his daughter, what did they expect? But she is also a summa cum laude graduate, a business woman of sorts and did well for herself, so far. I am not a fan of hers at all (in fact, I wouldn’t even know of her existance, if her dad weren’t POTUS45), but do acknowledge, that all this does not come by itself.

But what I like most is the fact, that there are Summits like the W20 at all. It is high time, that women of all nations come together to talk. And find ways to further the interests of female entrepreneurship in this world.

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  1. As a postscript to our discussion, here’s an excerpt from a review of Ivanka’s new book:

    It’s in her description of her daily life, in which she somehow — until the election, anyway — managed to run her own company, serve as an executive vice president in the Trump Organization, train for a half marathon and spend time alone with each of her three children. Absent locating a wormhole in space, there’s really only one way to find time for all of these commitments, and that is with the help of staff. Yet her household help barely rates a mention in this discussion.

    By the time Trump gets to her primer on maternity leave, she is, consciously or not, addressing an imaginary cohort of upper management and C.E.O.s. Back at work, she expects you to have a team. It is amazing how many times “Women Who Work” talks about the importance of Your Team. There are more teams in this book than there are in the N.F.L.

    Here’s a link to the review. http://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/02/books/review-ivanka-trump-women-who-work.html?_r=1

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    1. Ok, but that is true for pretty much every business person. NYT is right: Absent locating a wormhole in space, there is just no way in hell to combine business and full time work with children without any help. Men widely still rely on their women to carry the main caretaking load in order to win the bread. Or else (in Europe anyways) the state offers some degree of childcare institution enabling women to work. With money, you hire staff (as was always the case). For all the rest: society relies on the capacity of mothers to self-exploitation.


    1. I just don’t know an awful lot about her. Am not entirely sure what “enabler” means here – I don’t think her dad would act all that different, if she weren’t there?


  2. You are being way too charitable to Ivanka. I was glad to see they booed her. She has some credentials that don’t come by themselves, but on the other hand her daddy is a politically connected billionaire (or pseudo-billionaire). That makes things come easier than they do for 99% of the people. Ivanka is loathsome, she is an enabler for her father’s lies and racism. It is possible that she will help steer his administration away from total calamity, admittedly that is worth something. But she is still loathsome.


    1. I take your word for it. I was – as I said – pretty unaware, she even existed until recently, so I don’t know an awful lot about her.


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