Sunday Matinèe

Please meet Erin Armstrong this week. The young, Toronto based artist has been noted internationally already. For a reason, I believe. HourHouse published a nice interview with the paintress in 2015 here.

Her work is strong and leaves one strongly opinionated, too: Oh, I really like this one, as opposed to: No, nothing for me at all. In my case, it is the first reaction, most of the time. She does base her art on human figures, but nonetheless expresses different things alongside, which are not hard to catch but hard to describe. Exactly what good art is supposed to do. Have a look…


to lay claims
To Lay Claims Erin Armstrong
when pharoque came down
When Pharoque Came Down Erin Armstrong
ray and the palm
Ray and the Palm Erin Armstrong
the gardener
The Gardener Erin Armstrong
Through the French Quarter II Erin Armstrong
waltz waiting
Waltz Waiting Erin Armstrong
poplar street
Poplar Street Erin Armstrong
Gauze Erin Armstrong
Lacuna Erin Armstrong
dalonega pass through
Dalonega Pass Through Erin Armstrong
Caged Erin Armstrong
Benji ok
Benji Erin Armstrong
baske heads
Basket Heads Erin Armstrong

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