I’ve been taking a break from blogging for a while.

Mainly due to morning time being consumed with watering the garden (it’s been very hot and dry, this spell broke with rumbling thunderstorms yesterday  – enough humidity about now).

But also caused by “cannaebebotheredness” als the Scottish would call this condition. An overall lack of ideas. Combined with a very low attitude, bordering on depression and anxiety. I kept blaming it on chemical changes in my body, caused by my decision to stop smoking (after thirty years of regular intake of a minimum of two, often three packs of cigarettes per day).

However, friends and my sweetheart convinced me, this annoying condition might be caused by something entirely different. Menopause. Inconvieniently, this idea was introduced and accepted around my birthday, making me feel even lower (and older).

Sweetheart – as the expert problemsolver on everything – asked Dr.Google and soon came up with a pill made out of a plant known to American natives to help women in hormonal changes of all sorts.  It’s called Cimicifuga, after the plant’s Latin name. I am not one to take pills quickly or at all, unless there is some acute indication. This one seems fairly innocuous, though. It is just a plant extract, no other chemicals added and who knows, it might help. The package insert informs one, that it takes a couple of weeks, until any change for the better will be noticed. So I still am waiting to see the small pills work their miracle on me.

Until then, I’ll just have to put up with this nuisance. And so will you, sorry to say…

6 thoughts on “pause

  1. I empathise with you. Hot flushes, HRT traumas, weight gain, lack of energy etc. Could be a lot worse, but also a lot better. We need to speak out about this. No one ever let on what it would be like!

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  2. “Cannaebebotheredness.” I hadn’t ever heard of this before, but am going to blame it every time my house or car is a mess, or I neglect to do chores that I would rather not do. Menopause is indeed a challenge. 227 has a point about using hot flashes to your advantage in wintertime. Blog as much or little as you want… no pressure from me 🙂

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  3. You’re not alone, kid. I have been seeing lots of these “on a blog break” posts in my reader lately, and I myself, have felt sort of uninspired, only managing silly posts and not hitting my 3 times a week goal. I say we blame the weather.
    I basically just powered through those “change” years and do not recommend this approach. Hope the pills help. I’ll ask my alternative friends for more plant suggestions. The anxiety thing sucks, but it looks to me like it is not a permanent change. The hot flashes can be awful, but they come and go in spurts and I got used to them. They were brilliant in the winter months. Everyone else was huddling near the Kachelofen in their fleece sweaters and warm slippers and I was running around sleeveless. Hang in there.

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    1. You think, that anxiety thing is not going to stick around? Are your ticks like the motorwayphobia lifting? It would be great to know, it will pass. I hate to feel so worrywarty all the time – this is definately not me. The rest I can deal with, I am sure…
      Oh, and such a great post about your pediatrician + L. Loved it….


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