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This is most likely the last of birthdays I will have enjoyed. As it was the last one featuring a 4 at decade. The next one I’ll propably spend hiding under my covers all day, feeling miserable and old. With the big 5 in front.

Not so yesterday. Scores of folks – family, friends, colleagues and customers – took time out of their day to congratulate in person, on the phone or in writing. I also received many nice gifts and a sea of blossoms came my way. In the form of potted plants and great bouquets, crafted by talented florists. It is almost a shame, all this glory comes in one go.


I have to admit, I start to enjoy my Birthdays. Princess for a day 🙂  However, there are always one or two really moving incidents that go beyond the “normal” and “expected”. Yesterday, it was this unostentatious bunch of wild flowers, one colleague took the trouble to fetch from the golf course in person to bring as a gift.


And this one, perfect dandelion clock, one club member managed to carry into the office without even one of the tiny parachutes missing. Until I put it down on my keyboard.


As years go by, one starts to calculate, how much time might still be left.  Half time is long over and while at the start of the game there were loving parents all too willing to keep me nice and warm, put food into my mouth and clean me up, I am not so sure it will be quite the same at stoppage time.

But as long as so many great people are on the field and such touching gestures brighten up my days, I am determined to enjoy the game.


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  1. Glad to hear you were properly honored. Btw – I sent my wishes via WhatsApp and am wondering if you got them.
    And now the really depressing news. Stop worrying about the big Five-Oh. You are now one and a half days into your 50th year. It has already happened. And yet – you have 363 more days before you have to own it. Use them wisely.
    Such a cruel message from a bff, hey? But seriously – the Fifties are great – better than the Forties – and nothing to fear.And – in our hearts – we remain twenty-somethings to the end.

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    1. Thanks, but I think, I didn’t get them. I have to confess, I had no power on the mobile for almost a week or so, so it is my fault entirely. About the twenty-something in the heart, hope you are as right about that as you are with your maths 🙂
      Been to Amsterdam yet?


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